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Test For Mold Basement

Posted on 04 May, 2017 by Kim R. Clemons
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collegelightopera.com -Test For Mold Basement Mold growing anywhere in your home is detrimental to your health. Black mold is considered toxic and can cause fatal breathing problems among the elderly. Home mold testing used to be a task only

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Test For Mold Basement e is mold in your basement. Here are some ways to determine if there is a mold infestation in your basement: Check the floors and walls of the basement. Black mold appears in streaks or patches. It appears slimy and colored black or green or sometimes white with orange spots. Look for stains with yellowish tint, which is an indication that you have a mold problem.

How to test for mold in basement?. If you've had problems with water damage in your basement before, there is a really good chance that you have mold. The downside is, it can be hard to detect mold on your own since it can grown within the walls or under carpet. You can buy a mold test kit from somewhere like Home Depot to check on your own.

How to test for mold. A quick test for mold can be done when you dip a swab in diluted bleach (1 part bleach, 16 parts water) and dab it on the wall. If the spot quickly lightens (or keeps coming back after cleaning), assume it’s mold. Mold test kits are available that detect the presence and identify the type of mold,

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