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Good Humidity Level For Basement

Posted on 19 April, 2018 by Deanna R. Paredes
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collegelightopera.com -Good Humidity Level For Basement What is the Ideal Basement Humidity Level? invisible threat to the health of both your home and family. You have no doubt made efforts to control the humidity levels in your home, but may have neglected the less-used portions of the house. Maintaining a good relative humidity level helps eliminate one easily p reventable factor in the

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Good Humidity Level For Basement midity?. The ideal humidity level for a basement is between 30 and 50 percent. The prime growing conditions for unwanted mold and spores start at around 60 percent. Both finished and unfinished basements in warm, humid climates are the most likely to suffer from too much humidity.

6 tips for healthy below-grade spaces. Sucking the air out of the basement will not maintain the proper humidity levels in the basement. When you pull air out of a basement, it pulls make-up air in either through the exterior or from the upper levels of the house.

What should my basement humidity level be?. Maybe it’s time to check the humidity levels in your basement. Humidity refers to the amount of moisture in the air. When air has absorbed all the moisture that it can, we say that humidity is at 100%. When the humidity level is at say half of that, it is defined as being at 50%.

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